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Aquarius is about authenticity, they see what is fake, and they will not stand for it. Taurus is about creating life, rejuvenation, and revealing how love creates more. Taurus is more reserved than an Aquarius. Which is amazing considering it is the household center of spring. Taurus will need to be careful with its temper. Aquarius types are sensitive and can be hurt by too much negativity.

Taurus and Aquarius types get along when it comes to sarcasm, dry-humor, and staying in light-hearted places. Taurus can get baffled when they see the more emotional hidden side of Aquarius. Taurus needs to be tender toward Aquarius for this to come out naturally and in a healthy way. Taurus often fears the emotional and will put walls to prevent being around emotions.

I think Taurus is worried that emotions which are related to water will cause too much production, and Taurus fears expanding beyond its control. Taurus needs to overcome this.

Because we need Taurus to spread. Taurus will need to be willing to stretch itself—this is easier said than done. Aquarius needs someone who is open-minded.


Aquarius needs someone who is tender, sensitive, and intentional. If Taurus holds back from allowing emotion to come into its reality, it will lose Aquarius. Just offering physical support isn't enough for the Aquarius. So Taurus will need to try harder with an Aquarius to keep the romance alive.

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You must apply yourself. And it is totally within your range, Taurus. Taurus won't keep a tight leash on Aquarius to the degree other zodiacs will. Water signs can entrap Aquarius, Virgo can entrap Aquarius, but Taurus has a complex on taking things too far Taurus hates the idea of manipulation; it wants things to naturally go its course. This may be because Taurus is opposite of the Scorpio, who is the master of manipulation, not out of spite or evil intent, but because it's the magician. Taurus doesn't jive with that mission.

It's about spring, it's about release, rejuvenation, liberation, new colors, health, and prosperity. Forcing and telling spring where to go makes a Taurus feel very, very weird. It isn't its nature. This can be good for the Aquarius who does crave independence. Aquarius does not do well when trapped. It's full on air. It absorbs emotions, and waits till it can overflow -- as if ready for spring.

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Don't neglect the symbol of the water bearer in Aquarius. A lot of people do, and this moves too far away from the complex, and beautiful, emotional nature of the Aquarius. Aquarius needs help creating the spark in this relationship. Taurus offers a great deal for Aquarius; it comes from the variety of spring—rain, snow, flowers, wind, sunshine, dark days, pollen. Taurus is highly interesting but often doesn't want to open itself up to the variety it naturally has. Taurus gets lost in how much it can take charge—because it automatically is like a charged battery from its nature.

Taurus needs to dive into what makes it interesting, and not just the physical reality it can help offer. Spring is a symbol of the physical manifestations the world can offer and provide for the species living here. Taurus needs to offer that beauty to Aquarius to attract them. How in the world can a Taurus get boring when they have this power? Because they'll forget it, or because they won't believe it is important in the grand scheme of life.

A weird paradox indeed. There is a beautiful gift in Taurus—it can make the world green, fruitful, and be a blessing, if not a miracle. Aquarius will be attracted to this because it houses the cold, the snow, the winter representing both the early stages of life and the later stages—death, aging, and illness. Of course, that can be threatening to Taurus, but it needs to accept this part of the cycle that comes before it.

Aquarius is odd in this way because they are both old souls and childlike. They think forward into the future, with the past forwarding this.

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You can't have spring without the vision of the Aquarius—which includes death, cleansing, and age. Are we starting to see how beautiful the two energies are here? Taurus needs to come out of its shell. An Aquarius is a gift to it that can enlighten it, bring out that spring energy, and allow them to go much further than they originally thought. A Taurus can be threatened by an Aquarius if a Taurus isn't willing to see its own self. An Aquarius desires for the Taurus to show off its creative energy.

If a Taurus shows this, an Aquarius will be more attracted to it than the Scorpio—which they often get hung up on. Why does the Taurus have this potential? Because ultimately spring overpowers autumn. Life has greater value than death. But Taurus often buries its head—you're not just a seed to be planted in spring. You are already blooming when it gets to spring. There's a certain youthful energy the first few zodiacs receives because they are related to this spring energy.

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This can make the early zodiacs somewhat arrogant, leader-like, and brazen. This is where it is important to listen to the older soul that is Aquarius so that you can harness your energy and make an impact, and learn how to spread it without fear. Yes, the Taurus realizes that it can't make every space on this planet green— and it fears planting its flowers in places where they cannot grow, but Aquarius has the eyes to see where the Taurus is missing those chances. Aquarius and Taurus have the capacity to have a great flow of energy in their relationship.

Aquarius helps bring life into Taurus, and Taurus helps Aquarius find ground. In nature, these two already have a cause and effect relationship -- meaning this is incredibly natural. It is Aquarius nature that makes the flowers grow in Taurus. It is Taurus nature that gives Aquarius' vision the chance to grow.

These two are meant to be, but if they argue against each other over their different methods, they can disconnect from each other. Your arguments are generally over minor misgivings that get blown out rather than the big picture of how your relationship works. Those misgivings can be quite painful. They need to accept how they work together in order to fully get the spoils.

Taurus is naturally conservative while Aquarius is naturally progressive. It's that progressive energy that allows spring to follow. It's Taurus' conservative energy that allows Aquarius vision to find a place. Don't be threatened by how your partner works here. The more you can accept them, the more you can see how this operates. It isn't always easy to see, especially with two powerfully stubborn people.

The more you can see how you work together, the more you can tap into this to make more flowers your romance grow. It may help this pair to really understand how winter runs into spring. There is a direct cycle here. Consider how important are the aesthetics of the flowers, how careful and tender you must be with your garden to make it happen, and how protective you must be to make sure the plants grow well.

Taurus makes for great parents because they have such a strong understanding of how to raise the living around it. Aquarius as a visionary is what makes the Taurus reality even possible. However, Aquarius is not actually before the Taurus. Aquarius is at the end of the cycle -- it's the 11th house. Aquarius sees how Taurus makes its product and how it effects the following zodiacs, the following seasons. It doesn't just think about the flowers when they are living, but when it is over and ready to disintegrate. They see how the flower wasn't fulfilled, and this is part of their progressive nature -- they consider how the cycle can be even better the next time, and that isn't to threaten the Taurus but to make the Taurus stronger.

You may have traditions you've followed to successfully make flowers, but Aquarius sees how that process can be made better, for healthier fruit. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. JC I am an Aquarius female and have dated 5 scorpios prior to my first Taurus who is now my husband. All of my female best friends were Taurus but I naturally attracted Scorpios into my relationships so I agree with what Andrea said entirely. However, all general signs are still the embodiment of individual people.

We all choose and feel differently. God bless! Hi Andrea! Taurus girl here quietly in love with an Aquarius. I am guessing that this Friend came between the Aquarius and myself, and he drifted away just when we are about to blossom. Has he lost his trust or faith in us? Will he be coming back? I am crying everyday.. How should I approach him? Should I just keep quiet to give him time? Is it alright to send hellos once in a while? Andrea the only thing I disagree with you is in your comments. I don't find myself attracted to Scorpio first. My best friend, dog best dog ever!

Aquarius has a much better chance of a successful relationship with Taurus than with Scorpio. Aquarius and Scorpio are both too complex for each other.

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Both hide their motives which leads to mistrust and suspicion. Taurus and Aquarius have mutual respect for each other in the long run. I am a Tarius man and have been dating an Aguarius woman over 5years and we are now on our last lap of our marriage rites. We are deeply in love do you encourage us go ahead and marry? Yeah, I don't know what it is -- but spring signs are definitely better for the cool Aquarius. But it seems like the Aquarius always falls for Scorpio first.

Everything about this piece is true. I am an Aquarius woman , who long was in love with a Scorpio. I just could not get over him He chased me endlessly for 2 years and now that I have given him I chance, our relationship is effortless. I bring him out of his shell and he keeps me grounded. This really is a beautifully written piece! The Waterbearer senses something heavy and rooted in Taurus. But Aquarius is prone to snap judgments, and this alone could make them jittery.

Above all, Aquarius wants freedom and gets restless sitting in one place for too long. Taurus might prefer an easygoing first date, whereas Aquarius is at home in bustling places. If personalities clash, it'll likely be on that first—and last—date. There's a mutual fascination here that keeps the other tuned in. Uranus -ruled Aquarius seeks trends and has one eye on the future, while Taurus can be set in old ways. The quickly changing Aquarius upsets the stability-seeking nature of Taurus.

If trust is lost with Taurus, it's hard to earn it back. Taurus may seem rigid and narrow-minded to the Aquarian sensibility. And yet, Aquarians have a know-it-all streak that is quite similar. Both signs dig in and stick to their opinions. This stubbornness can be maddening and drive a wedge between them. As fixed signs, both are accumulators. Taurus wants to own lots of nice material things, while Aquarius is more inclined to seek intellectual property. Taurus likes to get down and dirty in the sack, while Aquarius prefers to stay a bit aloof during the act. The uncatchable Aquarius sets off jealousy for the Bull, especially if they're just one of the many.

Aquarius is one beat removed, even from intimates, and this creates an intolerable gap for the possessive Taurus. If love has them in its clutches, these differences can drive them to dark extremes. Both signs are stubborn and may quickly find a trivial matter to turn each other into adversaries.