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Greek lots also known as arabic parts are sensitive points in a birth chart based upon the positions of the planets at birth, and the ascendant with a few exceptions. The theory is that the planets in the heavens signify the more general circumstances that exist in the world at any given moment in time. What makes these planetary relationships unique to the individual is the way the individual exists in them, in relation to their ascending degree and sign. In essence, the lots are a tool that help the cosmic soul see how a relationship formed in the heavens applys to an individual through the use of analogy.

The distance between them is the implied relationship. The same principle extends to the other lots. For instance, if we want to find the daytime lot of fortune, then we find the zodiacal longitudes of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant as in this formula:. Suppose the ascendant is 1 degree 20 minutes Scorpio, the Moon is 9 degrees 24 minutes Gemini, and the Sun is 13 degrees 00 minutes Leo. First we measure their distances from 0 degrees Aries. Do the same with the other 2 points. Then, the dirunal lot of fortune is:. If the final value is not between 0 and , then simply add or subrtact until the value falls within range.

Often, the greek lots vary their formula for day and night births by switching which planet becomes the dominant cast off point. This is because the Sun is thought of as being like spirit and the Moon is thought of as being like fortune. But because sect is a physical principle, the stronger of the two lights by sect becomes the casting off point in the analogy. The idea is that fortune casts off from the light more in sect to the light less in sect and applies that interval to the ascendant.

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Spirit casts off from the light less in sect to the light more in sect and applies that interval to the ascendant. What this implies is that the Moon or fortune needs to be in sect more than the Sun because sect is an Aristotlean physical principle.

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The Sun represents the spirit which is of the non-physical realm of nous. Symbolically, the act of being born is like measuring from the Sun to the Moon; in other words, spirit impressing itself into material form. Therefore the lot of fortune represents ones physical body and the material which one is equipped with in the world such as money and possessions.

But if going from the Moon to the Sun it is like matter being used for a purpose. This is called the lot of spirit and gives signs helpful in determining what one does with what one has, whether it be profession or hobby. Bringing this down to earth, these two lots are very similar to the roles that parents play, since the Sun represents the father and the Moon the mother Genesis Historically, you follow in your father's footsteps in career Sun - spirit, action and reputation but your mother takes care of your material needs fortune - health and prosperity.

To the Greeks, some of these lots became horoskopoi; that is, the first house for matters involving the issue of that lot [ 3 ]. This is similar to using derivative houses if you are familiar with the concept, but we are not sure if the Greeks intended this generally or for just certain lots that had enough potency to them. You must also keep in mind that the houses were counted according to whole signs.

In other words if the lot of fortune is in Gemini, then the whole sign of Gemini plays the "role" of fortune.

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Therefore Cancer takes up the role of the 2nd house with respect to fortune, Leo the 3rd, etc, all the way through to the 12th house. While the following four lots have their own separate uses and meanings, you should keep in mind that they were often used together to judge the rank eminence of the native in society.

For example, there are people unknown within the CIA with high security clearances and great power. This is eminence. Fame involves the media and large popluations. Noel Tyl says that close contacts of personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars to the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto links the individual in a special way directly to the collective unconscious making them examples for all to follow, therefore famous.

Why Sirius is not also included with the above by most astrologers I do not know. It is important to note that if you are studying eminence in the birth chart, then the use of the 4 lots is far from an exhaustive study. They are a significant contributing factor, but you should start with studying the cosmic state of the light of the time and it's trigon lords and their angularity, etc The greek word for "fortune" is "tuche", which means "happenstance"; that what generally befalls the native.

It is not just money, but describes the way in which the individual physically reacts to the surrounding environment, the condition of the body, health and vitality. According to Paulus Alexandrinus:. We see here how this lot becomes the establisher of a new house system for the subject of the body and its relationship to the environment.

This is also one of the 4 lots used in establishing the rank of the nativity, in which the 10th sign from the lot of fortune is most important. If the lords of spirit, basis or exaltation are found in the 10th from themselves or especially in the 10th from fortune, while these 4 lots are for the most part pivotal in angles , it indicates great rank and eminence. It has been my experience, that most powerful individuals that you hear about have at least 2 of these lots in angles and at least 1 of the lords culminating with respect to fortune, or if they decline cosmically with respect to the natal angles , they make up for it by culminating with respect to the other eminence lots.

It is also an indication of high rank, when the lords of these 4 lots happen to exchange places. For example, the lord of basis in the same sign as spirit, the lord of spirit in the exaltation, etc. Valens says when the lord of one of these lots is also present in the same sign with it, that it indicates rank to some degree.

In a sense, it represents what comes toward you as a result of your actions spirit. This sounds very much like karma. If other lots like retribution, accusation like in George W. Bush's chart or nemesis happen to be here and malefics Saturn, Mars or the Sun by conjunction witness by Ptolemaic aspect, it may be an indication of a hard fall, imprisonment, disgrace, etc This is especially likely if Venus or Jupiter happen to be in aversion to the acquisition.

Also, according to Rob Hand, the 7th from fortune has something to do with illness and physical problems. While the lot of fortune is based in the physical, the lot of spirit is based primarily upon the spiritual. The lot of spirit is will directed into the world.

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It shows your intentions, and gives signs related to career. Illness can also be indicated by the lot of spirit but it is likely to be psychosomatically based. For instance, if Saturn is with spirit, depression can be a problem. According to Paulus:.

Part of Fortune

With regard to the lot of spirit, look to see if it is in the 10th sign from the lot of fortune or in the sign of the lot of exaltation; especially if well dignified, this shows honor in ones profession and above average rank; if in the other angles then honor to some degree but if in declines cadent with most indications ill fortified, then judge dishonor or after a time of honor a time of humiliation and fall from grace occurs.

If any of the other lots fall with this one, it shows the quality of their reputation. For example, if the lot of courage, or its lord should be with spirit, then it is likely that the individual is especially brave. If the lord of spirit is in aversion to the spirit, it is an indication that the native has difficulty getting things done, is weak and ineffective, and generally does not finish what they start.

Since this lot is always measured in the shortest distance between fortune and spirit and the distance applied to the ascendant, it always falls below the horizon like a foundation. More research needs to be done here. By demonstrating a desire to put your needs on hold for the sake of. If you're single, post a provocative profile on a dating website. You'll get several exciting responses. One will stand apart from the crowd.

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