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If at the same time the Sun opposes Mars or the Ascendant, violent death.

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The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. The fixed stars interpretation for the ascendant are not very positive, and there is certainly violence.


But a list that contains both Aleister Crowley and Edgar Cayce shows there are two sides to the same coin. Out of pain and addiction can come the healer. There is also the strength that comes after a struggle. Ascendant Leo 1 can have very challenging, obsessive and dramatic relationships, in some cases, they inspire art Morrisette.

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  • Talent and prophetic ability are here, usually, it is a gift passed down from their ancestors. The Christ connection is strong here where perhaps the subject plays the part of either the fallen man or woman Mary Magdelene or they can be the Christ savior figure in relationships.

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    The experience of slander by the opposite sex can also be marked with the Ascendant Leo 1. You can get an audio reading recorded especially for you, o.. For Personal Phone, Video or Email readings details and scheduling times: Contact me at lavenderlotustarot gmail.

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    • Will October bring with it.. I provide a fun-filled, thought-provoking yet quirk.. Nov th Sunshine TV. LIBRA is known for:: their charm and their attraction to luxury and beauty.

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      The Libran Look People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the sign of Libra.. Getting Unstuck.

      The Sagittarian Look People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the.. Aries October Part 2. How do they feel? Fire and Rain Tarot. If you would like a personal reading with me please email fire. For more information about me, or if you would like a personal reading, please v.. Ano ang Kapalaran mo ngayong Araw? His lack of discipline and his nuisance when it comes to restrictions are the factors that prevent him from following a diet.

      The Sagittarius man loves to bring things to an end and quitting a diet before he reaches his purpose is not an option.

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      January 21, Full Moon in Leo: Financially, there are glimpses of news, good earnings from the current professional activity, but spending also occurs in parallel. February 18, Sun enters Pisces: February is favorable for journeys and communication, studies and any activities related to information. March 20, Sun enters Aries — Spring Equinox: The tonus is good and it progressively consolidates, therefore the end of March will find you in a maximum shape, both physically and mentally. March , Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces: Caution is recommended in March regarding house, properties or family, when ambiguities, confusions, troubles or diverse inconveniences may occur.

      April 10 — August 11, Jupiter retrograde: In the first half of , Jupiter, the Great Benefactor, is in transit through your couple house. The relational needs are greater, the thirst for affection is increasing along with the power of giving.

      Leo Rising

      Favorable opportunities for finding love occur, as well as engagement or marriage proposals, declarations of love, confirmations and other romantic successes. April 30 — September 19, Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn: April 24 — October 3, Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn: The ambition and the entrepreneurial spirit are emphasized after April 24, when Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn.

      Venus enters Scorpio

      An interest in real estate, house or work at home occurs, and the family can show its support foryour career. May 18, Full Moon in Scorpio: They have a strong power of expression, extremely useful especially for those natives with a creative-artistic job. June 21 — November 27, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces: It is a month full of demarches and initiatives, requesting boldness and strength.

      June 21, Sun enters Cancer — Summer Solstice: The second part of the month highlights the relationships with your close entourage. Amicable discussions, relaxing, fun activities, interesting exchange of useful information. July 23, Total Sun Eclipse: The second part of July especially the last decade is focused on practical activities in the workhouse.