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Some say I have kalsarp and sadhesati which is showing the effect. Please suggest remedy. Iam zaiba arshad 18year old i want to no about the correct birth stone as per my horoscope my d. I am hari singh bisht and born on at 5. I have not a permanent job till now and I know about my future and marrage arrange aur love money chances in future plz give me information. October 1st, at am Please suggest me the correct birth stone my horo to be worn as per my horoscope.

I want this type of stone which help me to achieve govt job early. My Nick name is Nidhi. My date of birth is 25th april, I dont know the time. How to improve my finances and to have a better future and be prosperous in life. My date of birth is 27th May, I would like to receive your advice as to when to wear a yellow sapphire that my pandit has suggested. He also suggested that I start wearing this on this Thursday, 15th October. However, I have seen in your article that it should be worn on a SHukla Pakshya. Hi, my name is Kamalpreet Kaur.

Born in Nawahsher, India at 4pm. Currently I am wearing yellow saphire and coral. I wanted to know if i need to add on another gem…pearl? Please provide your suggestion. Namaskar sir my name is Abhijit from mumbai my detail is 15th June , I am an Aries Male. But from starting onwards i observed a small round shaped crack on the perl. So i want to change the perl and also want to make it with gold ring. I am a timber businessman and my business is going in loss from atleast 7 yrs. Plz tell me a remedy. Hi Name: Krishna Kumar R Dob: 10 March Time of birth: am Place of birth: bangalore Currently things are not going fine at my end so Pls suggest me which stone will be suitable for me.

Currently i am wearing Yellow Sapphire on index fingure and Emerald on ring fingure. Dear sir, Name- Anita Date of birth Place of birth- Bangladesh , Dhaka. Iam facing problem with my marriage and career also. Pls help me int his regads if i have any black art on me or not. Pls suggest me any stone or anything which help me to remove frm problems. My financial condition is nt so good to buy costly stones. I have been looking out for a match for her for the past 6 years with no results. Kindly advice what needs to be done. Is she a manglik? Someone had advised that she should wear a yellow sapphire in gold in her right index finger.

Is there anything that needs to be done in specific I am immensely disturbed. Plz advice. Time a. Please tell me which gemstone should i wear and what should be its size. Can you please let me know what is the best suited gemstone for me? And If possible, can you please let me know a bit about my future in terms success, career, married life, etc..? Thank you very much in advance, Sir.

My birth info is below:. I have been going through depression since last few days. I was earlier with banks and again want to get back to bank,but trying and not successful. Also having marriage problems- divorce going on,will that settle? Have a daughter to look after. I do believe in God,pray but now a days even prayers have become less.

What to do to come out of these problems? Some one suggested me to wear Ruby,is it ok if i wear it,will it help? I am currently wearing neelam stone, not much effect. My Family astrologer suggests me that just wear Yellow Sapphire. Everybody suggest me that to wear Red Corel but my family astrologer suggest me that do not wear Red Corel now because your Rashi is Aquarius and his lord is Saturn so Mars and Saturn is not good also according to your Mohadasha not required the red-Corel as our life stone.

You can wear moonstone and Yellow Sappier. Also lots of astrologer suggest me to wear Yellow Sapphire and Ruby. So please suggest clearly which will brings fortune for me in both monitory and fortune purpose. I have a very monetary setback so I do not want to wear any wrong stone , which may drag me to hell. Lost job in July. Till now not able get any job. Wearing Yello saffair in Right Index finger. Pls suggest.

KIndly Advice. I m not getting job since last 1 year. Pls suggest me the way out. Hi Sir, my name is Mukesh and I wanted to know which stone will should I wear and when, and in which finger, especially in order to gain financial success. My date of birth is February 28, and I was born in New Delhi between pm.

Thank you in advance. I am jobless with lot of health problems. Do you see my health improving in time?

Amitabh Bachchan

I appreciate your kindness in taking time to help me out. I am facing a life full obstacles. So I went to a Astrologer and he told me that there is Rahu in your 4th house and it troubles me a lot. Actually in my every work from my studies to love affairs there are failures means I cant complete any of my works it remains incomplete. Even though I am trying hard I can not get my work done. There are much more incidents but these three incidents have changed my life. So I need to find solution behind it and come up with this.

Will pukraaj and panna combination suit me…???? Becoz i love someone but iam finding very difficult to marry to that girl. Will i marry to whome i love most. Can I wear Gomed gemstone in my middle finger? And any other suggestion for my sucess. My astrologer suggesed me to wear it?? So may i? I have 4 rings, gomed, emerald, yellow pukhraj and ruby. I dont have a job.

I am passing through a big financial crissis could you please suggest which gem stone will suit me out of this trouble. Presently I am wearing blue coloure stone in silver ring.. My problem Unsuccessful business so i closed and now i am doing low salary job, insecurity and financial debts. Dear Sir i am Hemlata my date of birth is 8 january in ulhasnagar timimg of my birth is in morning can u tell in future i have baby boy and when i already have one baby girl please reply me soon.

My DOB is 15th Jan Currently I am under Rahu Mahadasha. I am currently wearing Neelam and Pokhraj. Somebody has advised me to wear red coral. Aries Asc, Dhanu rasi. Completed Engg. Planning to get married to a air force person if possible. My home astrologers have told to get married to a person from teaching line. Hi, Maine Panna apne right hand ki middle finger aur little finger ke beech wali finger mein pahna hai kya ye sahi hai. Actually mere astrologer ne mujhe kaha ki agar little finger mein na aaye to usse pahle wali finger mein pahen lena.

Agar mein change karna chahu to kya mein ise utar kar little finger mein pahen sakti hu. Aur iske liye mujhe kya karna hoga. Please recommend me the suitable gem stone to solve the following problems 1. I am looking for abroad trip 2. Want to buy property 3. My birth date is 17 january ,at Ajmer ,Rajasthan. Name: Parul Sharma D. Also advice in which finger should I wear the same?

Name : Ms. Beverley Steele D. Also, from where i can get it. Please suggest me the correct birth stone my horo to be worn as per my horoscope. My birth details are as follows DOB Right now my life is totally at halt. Should i continue with my studies like Master degree or start with a career? Which career will suit me?

Administration or clinical lab work? B time pm. I have quick question, Ruling Planet for Nakshatra and Rasi are different ie Thiruvonam is Moon and Makara rasi is Saturn…Let me know the recommended gem stone in this situation? Respected Sir, I have a little interst in astrolgy. I am a still photographer by profession. I have a son. My wife is a working lady. I also have deep inters in spiritualism.

I am sending my birth time. Name : Sujit Kundu Date of birth : 12th july Time of birth : Baranagar22 degree 38minute north 88 degree 22 minute east Kolkata ,West Bengal ,India. I never found any proper astrological guidence from anybody with logical analysis. I used to do some social work according to my capacity. I want to know that my current profession photography is suitable for me or not. My genuine income is blocked frequently. Which sector is suitable for me. I also want to know which educational field is suitable for my son?

My last question : is it the last birth for me? If you give some sugession , i will be greatfull to you. Faithfully yours SujitKundu. I want to know about my financial position. Sir, I am born on 5th Jan Nashik, State Maharastra. NOw I have bought an indian ruby stone of 5,2 ct in 18 carat gold ring. Which means that I am lefty so I am using it in my left hand ring finger. Otherwise i have to shift it to my right hand ring finger. Sir, I am born on 4th sept Nagpur, State Maharastra. Presently staying in Nagpur.

Sir,my date of birth is Hi, This is Kirankumar Software professional. Sir I have alot of problems at home and in work place. I am not able to make good friendly relation ship with my boss and his co worker that helps us in the trouble shooting the issue, I am working for BPO and would like to know the gem stone that is good for my growth in my career and happiness at home my birth date is 14 july …time..

Shri Kshitij Sharmaji,Namaskar, Going through very tough time. I need the job desperately. We are just managing our day to day expenses hand to mouth upon the rental income. I am also fed up sitting idle at home doing nothing. I consulted some Astrologers whom I came to know trhu references, but not satisfied with their suggestions. Oh gone crazy. I want to know which gemstone will help me to strong my financial position as well as my married life. I am facing very much problems in my married life as well as financially. Till today my saving is zero.

My details are as follow :. Name : Gaurav D. Want to know Which Gem i should wear so that ,will give financially success and peace in life.

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Dear Sir, Reading your article on internet, it is very calculative. I would like to tell you that this note force me to ask you which gemstone is most suitable for me. Hope that you might reply this mail and shower some wellbeing on others. Regards, Nehal jain Name Mukesh Date Date Time P. M Between P. Dear Sir,my birthday is ,time I think its very genuine site where astrology has been explain with out self interest of astrologer after reading advise on Gemstones I used this site almost every time to match my Kundali whenever it required. And its always great to share our heritage knowledge which otherwise depleting in modern era.

Some texts say that the person goes to the hell… Thanks lot. M Afternoon Birth Place:- Faridabad. Please tell my astrology, I m in so much problems in my financial life. When my fortunes will improve and I will be able to change my luck. M Afternoon Birth Place: rajkot gujarat. Andhra Pradesh,India. I have a question on the weight of a gemstone to be worn.

What is the correct method to ascertain it? I have met astrologers with 2 schools of thought: 1. Wear a gemstone of a smaller weight like between 1 to 3 carats but the quality should be very good. Name: Mukesh Chaturvedi Date of Birth : I was born on 6th March ,timepm, thursday, in Gulgulia, West Bengal. I am worried about my career. Which stone will be favourable for me? Hello, My biodata will be as follows Name:Chetan.

Hull Date of birth:4th october time of birth pm place of birth:dandeli,uttara kannada district,Karnataka,india My quiery is that is it good for me to wear navaratna pendent for life time? If so then suggest weight of each gemstone in carats. And one more thing is that i am also an astro student,kindly guide me on what basis we have to calculate weight of gemstone referring the kundli chart as per vedic astrology. Dear Sir, Please suggest stone as per my birth date, time and place which will be beneficial for me.

Name- Pankaj. Latitude- Please let me know what is the appropriate gemstone for me in order to help in job and financial aspects, due to kalasarpa dosham my career life is not at all stable for the past 10 years. Please let me know what is the appropriate gemstone for me in order to help in business and financial aspects my career life is not at all stable for the past 4 years. Please tell me which gemstone should I wear for financial prosperity. My date of birth time was pm place of birth Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir India.

My question is that which gem stone is suitable for me I am interested to wear blue sapphire is the good for me. Please let me know what is the appropriate gemstone for me in order to help in business and financial aspects my career life is not at all stable for the past 5 years. My birth date is 26 may time 4 am, city loharu haryana. Can you suggest me which type of stone should i wear? Me Amalendu Mukherjee my D. Time Please tell me which gemstone I need to wear for my best fortune.

Thanks Regards, Amalendu Mukherjee. Myself Vishal Mehta my D. Time 8. Place — New Delhi India. Thanks Regards, Vishal. TOB Hi, I need to know which GEM stone I should wear to solve the current crisis that I have faced and for brighter future. My name is Ganesh shahi. I was born on ,i dont know the exact time but it was 6.

Please let me know which stone will be better for my future. Pls mail me. Kindly do the needful. But my mother say you were born on vasant panchmi so I checked my date of vasant panchmi in year that is 31st Jan sunday. My date of birth is oct and time is i would like to know when will be there Lagna yog from my patrika. I consulted the astrologer and found similar prediction from both of them, however one suggested to wear green emerald and other one suggested to wear neelam. Both of them said my time is bad until Please help me identify the right stone and to which finger it is to be worn either in gold or silver.

My dob is 13th January at 2. My Birth date is april 02, — am in Ballia uttar pradesh , india, Please suggest me a gemstone and the details of the weight as well as the finger. Good Morning sir sir after completion of graduation i m searching for good job with good opportunities,appered many govt examination but didnt get any success…plz help he..

My dob is 05sept pm secunderabad andhra pradesh. I am currently wearing aot of diamond jewellery. My husbands dobis 28july palghat time not known. His star is uttarashada. He is wearing single stone ruby in gold ring on right hand and diamond jewellery ring on left hand. He is into consultancy business and currently wanting to set on food business as suddenly for the past three months there has not been much business in the old one. Please help us. Sir I am born on Friday what will be my perfect stone for me. Dear sir My birth details are Time: am Date Place: new delhi Kindly suggest me which gemstones are suitable for me?

I am wearing yellow sapphire is this suitable for me. Good morning, please advise me which birth stone is sutable for me, Lavira D,costa place of Birth Quepem Goa dont know exit birth time between 5 to 5. I am not setisfy in my businees i want to more money in my business, i am a cloth readymade merchent,. I am a medical sales person. One younger brother he is preparing for banking. I have to do more for my family. Plz tell me a lucky stone for me and my carrier.

Please suggest the gemstones suitable for me. Kindly explain in detail. P , my question is which gem stone should i wear. My Detail are as under, kindly advice which gem stone is suitable and should I wear:fof my better Career. Date of birth: 21th nov Birth time: pm Birth place : amarapara Distt- cuttack orissa. Could you please tell me if diamond suits me as I wear it as my engagement ring and if not what gemstone will suit me. Please suggest me which gemstone I should wear when,how much quantity, day,metal, in finger or neck any mantra need to recite.

Your immediate action will highly appreciated. I am Hemalatha. I was born as on 2nd July at 8. Please let me know what do i do get successful life. I am facing lot of problem in personal life as well as professional. Please help sir. Please help. I notonly success in business but also in service.

So I want to know about myfuture life. I suffering form family problem and mother illiness and etc. Name : Lokesh. I am 26th may born. Birth Place Bareilly U. I am facing Financial Problems since few years. Can I wear Neelam? If not,,,Which gem stone i should wear. Kindly also let me know the kind of business suit to me …can i start my career in real estate business. As salam o alay kum My name is Muhammad Asif Arain which stone or stones do you suggest me according to my DoB details below.

Ziaul haque chowdhury and date of birth is Sir I am 29 year old boy my date of birth is 21 march born in india Barnagar dist. Timing is pm. Dear sir, I am blessed with a son and a daughter. Since few years i have been facing trouble in my life financial and personal. I am wearing Pukhraj,Red coral and Moti in right hand fingers. An astrologer told me that i should wear Gomed stone according to my Lagan chart. Now i am totally confused that Gem stone shoud be wear according to lagan chart Or according to name alphabet. Please guide me that which Gem stone shoud i wear. Sir this is sneha i was born on Please confirm if the above gemstones recommended are right.

Hello sir. I know my d. I shall be very thankful to u if u reply me asap. Please advice which gem is suitable fort me and howmany carat to weare and which finger of hand. Burdwan westbengal india which gems you suggest that i can get my debts. My location of work whether i will work near hometown or in existing location 3. Sir, My date of birth is Dear Sir, My date of birth is My name is joginder Kumar.

My date of Birth is 22nd July Birth Place-Gurgaon birth time am. Could you tell me which gemstones is suitable for me. How much carat and when and what to wear. Regards Roopa. I was born on Hi My name is Yatin Khatter and D. B is 25th july and birth place is Gurgaon. Please tell me which Gemstone would be good for my business growth. My name is Bharath. Which kind of girl suitable for me marriage or love. I was born on at a. P india. I would like to know the gem stone for my growth in carrier and money and employment position?? How much carat and when and what to wear???? Dear guruji my name is Nagaraj Nayak my Date of birth 29 october 10pm my rashi: Tula nakshatra swathi I m try in bank atender job pls replyin my bank job sir Tanking You your Nagaraj Nayak.

I am going through very bad phase, lost almost everything and need immediate help. Please suggest the remedies asap. I need a Gemstone for good luck and success in Romance Love. The problem is that the relationship does not last for long. So Please reply me asap or inbox me ur reply by email provided above. Time: 7. I want to know when i will get a permanent government job. Is yellow sapphire suitable for me? I was born in Rossano Calabro Cosenza Italy on My dob is 02 august Time pm. Place kantabanji orissa. Please suggest gem for success in life. Can i wear pukhraj pls suggest and also tell me when will my financial condition improve?????

My dob is 05 january Place — banswara dist. Someone suggested me ruby and pearl. Regards, Namrata. I am born in Indore on the 19th of may at pm on Sunday. Tell me which letter,s name will good for him? Nowdays I am worry due to not saving of salary and not adjust my salary in my current department. I want to know suitable gemstone for me as I have some problems in my studies so what can I do to solve them and also what should I do to make my future bright?

I want to know is neelam suitable for me , if yes how much raatis should I wear and method of wearing. As I have been suffering from slip disk problem and sciatica. As per the above details Which stone you prefer for me for sucess and great achivements in job and for luck also. Pl advise. I want to marry someone i love, but there are some troubles in that. My date of Birth is 26 july and birth time B is according to my 10th marks sheet sir meri problem ye h ki har waqt bimaar rahta hu kbi bukhar ,kbhi sir mei dard , mei phichle saal se bimar hu or mera phdai mei bi mn nhi lagta sir muje battaye.

Sir , myself Sabina female. But i want to share my problem with you so that you shom me right suggestion. My problem is that below — i want to do job at my Mother office with her. Gurleen Kaur. Anantha Kamath. Ankit Shende AKS. Sri Jayakumari Amma. Varun Goyal. Kamlesh Thakur. Rakesh Seth. Prashanth Savanur. Rajat Jain. Bhavika Valecha. Chaitanya Niphadkar. Rajan Pandey. Ajay Shesh. Caroline Mweni. Karthick Hemabushanam. Aadil Attarwala. Kim Lambert. Avinash Sisode. Ramashish Yadav. Manoj K. Mathews George. Gaurav Dhamejaa. Kiran Phadnis. Sakthi Experience the Power.

Shweta Singh. Ganesh Kumar S. Deepak Burfiwala. Sudha Sai. A M S Pandian. Benjamin M. Chitra Krishnan,. Benny George. Liladhar Pirsali. Syed Habeeb. Deepak Jindal. A M Nagesh. Jon Byler. CA Rajeev Ramanath H. Satyabrat Das. Iqbal S Sachdeva. Kiran Zende. Satya N Gupta. Boobalan Nagendran. Yuvraj Human. Neena Kamal. Sanjay Goel. Lt Col M Kumar. Sheetal Desarda. Kumar Gautam. Nakul Grover. K J Thomas. Gunjan Sahay. D S Pandit. Rishank Jhavar. Roshan D. Nalin Singh. Thiruman Archunan.

Himanshu Shangari. Digvijay Singh and Thomas Di Leva. Mahatab Mullan. Rajni Singh. Bal Krishna Thakur. S Pandit. Bal Krishna Panday. Balkrishna Panday. Pardesi PN. Taraprasad Das. Inderjit Kaur. Kinjal Goyal. Susanta Misra. Venkatesh S. Maj Gen A K Shori. Bharath Gopalan. Sujith Ravindran. Dr Rajendran MC. Dr Prasad Kulkarni. Santhosh Sukumaran. Ngounibou Thiumai. Suvro Chatterjee. Jothish Kumar. Mukesh Mehta. Pritam K Goswami.

Krishna Murari. Ganesh Kudva. APJ Abdul Kalam. John D Kraus.

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Surajit BagchiEr. Surajit Bagchi. Gloria Frender. J S Chandan. S S Chauhan. K C Panda. S S Bhavikatti. Ashok Arora. Dr Padmalochan Hazarika. M C Shukla. J P Saxena. Suresh Chandra Raj, PhD. Sanjive Kumar Sharma. Mohammad Tarique. Rashika Ravikumar. De Sarkar. Arun Tiwari.

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ITC Sonar Hotel. Hotel Ista Hyderabad Hotel. Plot No-7, Road No. Hotel Novotel Hyderabad Hotel. Novotel Hyderabad Airport Hotel. The Gateway Hotel Hotel. Taj Deccan Hyderabad Hotel. Road No. Leo Meridian Infrastructure Hotel. Hotel Mountview Hotel. Hotel Crowne Plaza Today Hotel. Vivanta by Taj Ambassador Hotel. Fortune Select Regina Hotel. Bogmallo Beach Resort Hotel. Holiday Inn Resort Hotel.

The Crown Goa Hotel. Hotel Neo Majestic Hotel. The O Hotel. SunnSand Hotel Hotel. The Imperial Palace Hotel. Le Meridien Hotel. Associated Hotels Pvt. The Gateway Hotel Ummed Hotel. The Galaxy Hotel Hotel. The Zuri Whitefield Hotel. Hotel Le Meridien Bangalore Hotel. Movenpick Hotel and Spa Bangalore Hotel. Club Mahindra Lakeview Hotel. The Quilon Beach Hotel Hotel. The Elephant Court Hotel. Turtle On The Beach Hotel. Casino Hotel Hotel. Trident Cochin Hotel. The Gateway Hotel Ernakulam Hotel. Kadavu Resort and Ayurveda Centre Hotel.

The Muthoot Plaza Hotel Hotel. Taj Residency Trivandrum Hotel. Hotel Ramada Khajuraho Hotel. Radisson Jass Hotel Hotel. Grand Sarovar Premiere Hotel. Hotel Meluha Hotel. Ramada Plaza Palm Grove Hotel. The Shalimar Hotel Hotel. Four Points By Sheraton Hotel. Taj Blue Diamond Hotel. The O Hotel Hotel. Taj Residency Aurangabad Hotel. Hotel Sea Princess Hotel. Hotel Parc Estique Hotel. Radisson Windsor Hotel Hotel. Windsor Fountain G. Majestic Park Plaza Hotel. Hotel Mansingh Hotel. Hotel Trident Jaipur Hotel.

Amber Fort RoadOpp. Fortune Select Metropolitan Jaipur Hotel. Chokhi Dhani Hotel. Inder Residency Hotel.

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A Unit of Seasons Hotels Pvt. Denzong Regency Hotel. Trident Chennai Hotel. Hotel Clarks Shiraz Hotel. Hotel Trident Agra Hotel. Country Inn and Suites by Carlson Hotel. Radisson Hotel Varanasi Hotel. The Gateway Hotel Agra Hotel. Hotel Hindusthan International Hotel. Swissotel Kolkata Neotia Vista Hotel. The Golkonda Hotel. Palm Beach Hotel Hotel. Best Western Amrutha Castle Hotel. Secretariat, Hyderabad - Telangana Hyderabad Telangana. Hotel Green Park Hotel.

A Division of Diana Hotels Ltd. Hotel Raj Mahal Hotel. Hotel Natraj Hotel. Hotel The Royal Plaza Hotel. Hotel City Park Hotel. Hotel Diplomat Hotel. Maidens Hotel Hotel. The Connaught Hotel. Hotel Vikram Hotel. Lazylagoon Sarovar Portico Suites Hotel. Sun Village Resort Hotel. The Metropole Hotel Hotel. Unit of Majestic Projects Pvt. Near R. Hotel Fortune Palace Hotel. Fortune Inn Haveli Hotel. Hotel The Grand Bhagwati Hotel. GurudwaraBodakdev, S. Optus Sarovar Premiere Hotel Hotel.

Park Premier Hotel.

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The Bella Vista Hotel. Fortune Select Global Hotel. Courtyard By Marriott Hotel. The Gatwway Hotel Chikmagalur Hotel. Raj Residency Hotel. Hotel Maurya Rajadhani Hotel. Keys Hotels Hotel. Hotel Blue Nile Hotel. Hotel Amruthaa International Hotel. Building No.

Hotel Presidency Hotel. Hotel Raj Regency Hotel. ATS Residency Hotel. Yakkara Branch RoadNear D. The Royale Gardens Hotel. Nangiarkulangara P. Hotel Srivatsa Regency Hotel. Hotel Hills Park Hotel. Neelamabari Suite Hotel. Villanchira,Thalakkodu P. Excalibur Hotels and Resorts Hotel. Muthoot Cardamom County Resort Hotel.

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Hotel White Dammar International Hotel. Panavila JnThycaud P. Hotel Peninsula Park Residency Hotel. Motel and Resorts Pvt. Parakode, Adoor, Pathanamthitta Dist. Hotel Indraprastha Hotel. Pattazhi P. Pathanapuram, Kollam Dist. Hotel Mangala Towers Hotel. Hotel Soorya Regency Hotel. Hotel Moonlit Regency Hotel. Hotel Sky Pearl Hotel. The Royal Fort Hotel. Hospital JunctionKundara P. Hotel Soorya Galaxy Hotel. Cochin Seaport Hotel Hotel. The Avenue Regent Hotel. Spice Village Hotel. Hotel Midhila Regency Hotel.

Midhila Regncy Cherplassery Hotels Pvt. Pattambi road, Cherpulassery Palakkad Dist. Hotel Soorya Swagat Hotel. The Hotel Elegance Hotel. K R Grand Residency Hotel. Hotel Dona Castle Hotel. Hotel Fairmont Hotel. Niya Regency Hotel. Elthuruth Junction,Chettupuzha P. The South Park Hotel. Unit of Kerala Hotels Pvt. Hotel Courtyard By Marriott Hotel. Hotel Midtown Pritam Hotel. DharamputraPritam Estate Dr. Ambedkar Road, Dadar T. Hotel Trident Hotel. Hotel Tunga Regale Hotel. Ramee Guestline Hotel Hotel. Hotel Sagar Plaza Hotel. The Central Park Hotel Hotel.

The Emerald Hotel. Hotel Sea Princess, B. Hotel Polo Tower Hotel. Hotel Ritz Plaza Hotel. Country In and Suites Ajmer Hotel. The Royal Plaza Hotel. The Residency Towers Hotel. Sir Thyagaraya RoadT. Hotel Sangam Hotel. Quality Inn Sabari Hotel. The Savera Hotel Hotel. Fortune Inn Grazia Hotel. Unit of Angel Baby Products Pvt. Ltd Plot NO. Unit of Sens Udyog Pvt. The Peerless Inn Hotel. Jai Ambay Jyotish Astrologer.

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