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This type of aspect always produces a conflict between the needs, desires and drives of the individual which are opposed to the needs, desires and drives of others. Through the conflict, we become aware of the rights and needs of others and, ultimately, a compromise must be sought. Whenever we become too much of one quality, the opposition serves to bring us back into balance through other people standing in our way.


The Square— the planet that squares the opposition planets— indicates that the relationship struggles are due to frustrations, blockages, habitual insecurities and defensive responses originating within the individual. The opposition represents the external conflict while the squares represent the internal root conflict. The T-square is a most dynamic configuration that pushes you to overcome the limiting factors and achieve success.

A FIXED T- SQUARE implies lessons to be worked out through fixed emotions which are instinctual emotional responses based upon past experiences, fixed desires, attitudes and values of right or wrong based upon based conditioning.

Aspect Patterns

Therefore, the Fixed T-square individual is likely to run into stalemate situations in relationships due to a pattern of resistance, fixity and frequently an unwillingness to compromise or, at least, compromise made grudgingly. There is a tendency with Fixed signs to bottle up resentments and hostilities and then release the stored energy eruptively or compulsively.

Therefore, it is essential that the individual find suitable emotional outlets for this energy. Before discussing Saturn as the Apex, it is important to remember that Fixed signs are incredibly resistant. They possess much fortitude in adversity and hard times. Yet, they find their greatest security in the status quo, making it difficult for the individual to change and adapt to fluctuating circumstances that threaten the sense of security. Fixed T-squares always imply a powerful drive for security— emotional, material, power-control and prestige.

True security comes from peace within the self, NOT from externals. The Fixed T-square is rarely at peace. With Saturn as the Apex planet, the squaring planet, there is a great need to develop real faith and trust— that everything will ultimately work out for those who believe that it will. This type of faith comes Jupiter and Trines in the natal chart. If Jupiter is retrograde, faith will weaken when the going gets rough. When Saturn is the Apex of a T-square, the individual finds security in the control that he or she exercises over the life but, in doing so, there is the danger of becoming too rigid, too unyielding and highly structured.

Structure is fortifying but it is not always practical or efficient. I have read in old astrological literature that, karmically, such an individual repeatedly subjugated others in past lives and now still fears surrendering the Will to another.

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This is a highly ambitious configuration, although self-doubt and fear connected to security can become definite stumbling blocks. There is a strong sense of personal frustration and limitation. The lack of trust or faith indicated by Saturn can inhibit personal relationships, especially if the Sun, Moon or Venus are involved. The individual must learn to relax, to trust and not worry about being hurt or rejected. If Jupiter is involved, there is a perennial search for some meaning to the life but any answers eventually become unsatisfying because the doubts and lack of faith plague any philosophy.

Again, this all comes from seeking answers externally. In actuality, Saturn is the result of a harsh parental influence so that the individual is constantly trying to prove the self worthy worthy of the disapproving, rigid and INSECURE parental figure. The individual may drive the self through perfectionist standards. If unable to fulfill these expectations, there is often little content.

What I have described are the negative functions of Saturn. The desire for control actually shows an ability for organization, management, self-discipline and high responsibility. When greater continuity and coordinated efforts are developed, the individual can demonstrate an unyielding tenacity that builds, accumulates and achieves success by concentration upon one point and persisting in following its path.

There is a sustained effort over the long haul that brings real accomplishment. While Saturn in a Fixed sign is not very adaptable, it is unflappable in a crisis. This is only because the expectations of the self are too high, too demanding and too unrealistic, often anticipating failure. We can Learn about Blame and Responsibility later. Did someone say Obsession? Damn Right! Obsessed with this prison-break, and for damn good reasons!!! Set a timer, and Celebrate Obsession at least once an hour, every day.

Okay, with the preliminaries out of the way we can get down the the meat of the issue. To move from Despair to Miracle we need to Empathize with our Despair. So we can try building a strong practice of Tapping YouTube link above. Are we done? Not a chance. Now we have to interrupt again, since T-Squares are quite difficult, so we have to give our standard speech about how to Love a T-Square….

A T-Square is like a graduate seminar. Now, what about this Mercury T-Square? Well a Mercury T-Square until you make the shift we just talked about means that your mind is always picking at you. You could write best-sellers about it. I guarantee you, it is True. Then we add Ixion. We have to interrupt again for our Learn-to-Love-Ixion speech…. To live Genius you need to break as many rules as you can get away with. Oh yeah, remember that Jupiter-Sappho in Scorpio? Let me know if any questions come up. The big Grand Cross red Square and Xes and the two Grand Trines equal-sided blue Triangles, which are actually Kites when we add the little triangles on one side of each of them are the standout features.

The two Stations are both part of the Grace, not part of the Motivation, and the Complement one another very very well, being both in Earth Signs. This is pretty serious; basically the Universe is telling us that we all need to get busy Taking Full Responsibility for Recovering our Unique Genius, or our Survival will be in Question.

That which we hate is our most Powerful tool, once we Learn to Embrace it. Once again, The Donald is our role model. It flops all over onto one side of the Sphere. It needs Balance, and the perfect Balance for it is a fourth planet opposite the third, creating a Grand Cross out of it. A Sabian Symbol is an interpretation for a specific individual Degree. Try it on again, back to the Mirror. Go for it. How would it feel in your Body if you were The Donald? Give yourself Permission to be smug, in a charming sort of way, without being insufferable. You can be Royalty, and enjoy it when everyone treats you like Royalty.

And now asteroid Hopi moves into that position, filling the Grand Cross, and staying there for the next ten days.

Inspiration for dreamers and seekers

Asteroid Hopi stands for Respect for All Things. All Entities, everything your mind can conceive as Separate, have Consciousness, and they are all our Equals, all Deserving of Respect. Because the Universe is Composed of Consciousness, and Consciousness alone. Fortunately, Gravel enjoys being walked on, they like the way it tickles.

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You can hear their hoarse giggle as you walk on them. There is Grace here as well. It puts a lot of Stress on the third planet — in this case, Chiron. If you have a shred of Perfectionism in you, or even just want to get your Needs met, a T-Square will Frustrate you no end. If there is no solution, then there is no problem. Case closed. No matter how thoroughly you Explore it, there will always be more to Discover.

So a Chiron T-Square is a double whammy. When we start to perceive another dead end with a T-Square, we Pay Attention. Oh, right, this is a graduate seminar. How is it different from the last one? Am I doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome I think that was another Einsteinism? Or am I Exploring a slightly different level or angle this time? The Chiron T-Square has been in effect within three Degrees of Sensitivity since the end of July, and it will be with us till late November. At the September Equinox, one of these original two planets was Stationary — at its Strongest, temporarily rivaling Chiron for the Juiciest Award.

That planet was the dwarf Chaos — which signifies Unlimitedness. Talk about Frustration! How do I know that? Well, the third planet in our triumvirate is Ixion, our Abandoned Genius. Even if they hung bungee chords from it. Woe Is Us! Think about that. This is going on in your Life on some level. What is it about for you? Your Belly and your Heart know all about it, though, and they understand it completely.

And yes, You would never survive a fall, because the Dangling You would reunite with the Abandoned You at the bottom, and a whole new You would be born. What a Temptation!! And just to add another exclamation point, asteroid Veritas Truth is sitting on Chaos! Remember how smug Zaphod was?

Try it on; it suits you. Try it on in the Mirror, see how you Light Up the room? Dendritic Talc. Talc is just a Magnesium Mica. The green Dendrites are Pyrolusite, a simple Manganese Oxide. Suppose you really already knew their meaning. The Portal is Open for about six hours on either side of this peak Opening. Taking advantage of the Blessing is easy. Do this on a scale of , ten being the best. Rate your emotional level and acknowledge it. Just your awareness of your internal state actually shifts your chemistry immediately. This shift occurs because it changes the thoughts you are having and the quality of your attention.

You shift from having unconscious thoughts, which are usually negative and limiting, to being consciously aware and focusing on your internal state.

Grand cross (astrology)

You just bring your attention into your physical body and focus on how it feels. It can only exist Now! This specific Window is the Moon crossing Chiron. The base of the Yod maps a double Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square, providing a bundle of Grace to help us resolve what would otherwise feel Frustrating and impossible to solve to our Satisfaction.

The fastest-moving planet in the Diamond Star except for the Moon is Mercury, which is currently covering about two Degrees a day. This is also an excellent opportunity to begin to Open to the Secrets that will be spilling out under the closet door for the next ten months, as those Secrets — which ultimately promise a significant Rebirth — harmonize nicely with the am Portal.

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  • Astrology T-Square, What is a T-Square in astrology? What does a T-Square in astrology look like?.
  • That again gives us five of six points in a Grand Sextile, with the Vacancy again being the rug in the nursery — Self-Love, and Love for your Inner Rugrats — as the key to putting everything together. As for the T-Square itself…. We are faced with a conundrum, a significant Life Choice that will Create one Future or another, neither of which will be recognizable from the other. You feel resolved now because of the Grace in this Portal. Memorize what it feels like here, so you can take it with you. Anxiety arises from trying to resolve a discomfort with the mind.

    Her book has a lot more very Powerful techniques in it, and will prove useful over the next month. In one form or another this T-Square has been hounding us since early May, and will continue until early October. So what is the T-Square about? The basic issue is how much we allow ourself to express our Truth. As a child you were made to feel wrong about certain elements of your Self. No accident and — contrary to the way it feels — no Blame, as your larger Self was just setting up a curriculum for your Ego Self in the Lifetime.

    We of course have a complex web of Fantasies set up to normalize the Tension between our Hidden Truth and our Subterfuges. If you look, you can see many examples in the news, about folks whose Hidden Self has broken out beyond their ability to keep things under Control. Which is the nature of an astrological Square.

    Stop thinking and Feel the Tension, as Tension. Where is it in your Body? Is it uncomfortable? How much so? What happens when you focus all of your Attention into the center of it? Does it Change? Feel better, worse, or the same — or just different? How long can you hold your Attention there before wandering?

    The Anatomy of a T-Square

    How many times can you bring your Attention back to it? Can you imagine what Life would be like if you broke your addiction to thinking, and just Lived directly from your Experiences in your Body? All of the Tension and Anxiety about what we thought has been a Conflict for us, are just that, Tension and Anxiety. Curiosity as our Natural State of Being.

    Can you Recover a hint of it now, while this Window of Grace is Open? Manganvesuvianite — the Manganese-rich form of Vesuvianite, named for the Volcano that decimated Roman Pompeii. Which is an excellent question. A T-Square is two Squares connected end-to-end, or two planets Opposing one another with a third planet halfway between them. First though, let me address another reader comment….

    And unconscious despair. I never knew what that darkness was. That post brought it on. I always thought squares were Mastery Through Challenge. I feel like they should be called Infinitely Perpetual Challenge then. Give it up. Pant, Pant. Sound too complex? Maybe you need to Prioritize a little.

    Think about your unfulfilled Desire. Now pick its two most important characteristics. Wait for next week…. How I learnt astrology… What time is it? The t-square. So, what is a t-square? A t-square is formed when 2 planets in opposition both form a square to a third planet. For this reason, another rule: T-squares will be in the same mode I use orbs of no more than 5 degrees applying and separating unless the Sun or Moon is involved. What is the mode? All planets are in cardinal signs? You will be motivated towards action, actually doing something about something.

    Doing nothing should not be an option for you- no matter the discomfort that activity brings. All planets are in fixed signs? You are no stranger to hard work and perseverance- once you get started. You are, however slow to start and may resist change until you are ready to move. All planets are in flexible or mutable signs? You accept change, are happy to change course and learn and absorb new ideas but often lack the staying power or intestinal fortitude required to complete the work required. What is at the empty leg? Activation of this point by transit or progression will be important times for Lauren.

    Break down each part of the aspect In this case it will be: Sun square Uranus. The danger is in rebellion simply for the sake of change… Are there any easy aspects coming off the t-square?