October 26 solstice astrology

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In any aspect of their lives and in love also, these people born on October 26 will rarely do something that will endanger their long-term plans, and if they are asked for personal sacrifice, they can accept and submit it. So no matter how these people are selfish at times, they know how to sacrifice for others, without a doubt. In love, whether they play the role of a leader or at least an essential advisor, they know how to lead their organization without significant problems — so for the lovers of these people born on October 26 it is mandatory to listen and to obey, but is not a bad idea.

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Sometimes it is best for the relationship to roles remain divided, and that every part of that love has its place. And one thing is certain when these Scorpios born on October 26 are in question — they are individuals who are individualists, who work well in the individual projects, but they show their full potential exactly in connection with others.

So, they work very well in individual affairs, but their strength is noticed only when they are involved in projects that require cooperation with others. This can be applied to their work and love also.

These people born on October 26 are by their nature reformers, they have strong beliefs and beliefs about various issues. These people have a significant number of social and political affairs that they see as events that need to be reorganised — it is clear that these people are very close to the politics and social sphere of work. Nevertheless, they are not at all fanatics, but they go ahead with what you want to achieve in practice and business sense.

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These Scorpios like to learn; especially when it comes to science — they love numbers, and can be a good mathematician or they can be amazing in any financial sphere of work. If these people apply it practically, they can be an excellent engineer or professional accountant. These Scorpios like to travel overseas, and nothing gives people born on October 26 any greater enthusiasm than that — many of their personal decisions are based on this love of travel. Scorpios born on October 26 know what power is and how it works in society, and they are more than willing to use it for their own agendas, and they usually know how to monetise their power.

If they are in executive positions, then they show a talent for wise investments and develop a smart saving strategy.

Summer Solstice and the Longest Day of the Year

Numerologically we speaking and observing this date, those who are born on October 26 are ruled by number 8 that belongs to one of the most mysterious numbers in the specter. This number carries exciting energy that is connected continuous movement, but that movement can go in some negative directions; this is the number that carries mysterious and aggressive energy, and people who are born on this day are the same, they have this note to them.

Those who are in number 8 generally like to build their careers slowly and carefully. Their ruling planets, or to be more specific the ruling planetary connection belongs to Saturn and Pluto that is a natural ruler of all Scorpios.

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In mythology, Pluto is the ruler of the underground world and the ruler of death and the dead, whose last word has yet to be called. If the soul were once given to him to care, no other God or power in heaven or earth could free that soul without his consent. In his empire, they are also the enormous wealth, but they cannot even move without his approval.