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But to insist that everything in life can or will be explained by science is potentially as preposterous as for an astrologer to turn round and say 'I am a living deity who uses the ancient art of astrology to foresee everything that's about to happen before it's occurred'.

Astrology of the Brexit Referendum: Mars Retrograde Edition

Cainer also recognised that some people could take astrology too seriously and took a different approach to his writing after a reader who had read one of his predictions committed suicide. And they did it. They killed themselves.

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Cainer had other struggles in his life. In , his wife Melanie died in a car crash, leaving him with seven children. In , a psychic museum he established in York also closed down after four years. Cainer is survived by his wife Sue and his children. We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments. Post moderation is undertaken full-time 9am-6pm on weekdays, and on a part-time basis outwith those hours. Last Updated:. Obituary - Jonathan Cainer, astrologer who struggled with personal tragedy 1. Read the new rules here. Order by Oldest first Newest first Highest scored Lowest scored.

Loading comments We want to be in Europe — but on our own terms — and this is something that cannot be. Though Mercury transit — is not normally viewed as a a major player — it is conj. British sovereignty — has always been a major point for us. Will we take a gamble? Nina Gryphon February 29, am. Your point about Mercury is well-taken. I agree that Mercury is often underestimated, and it is interesting that it is conjunct the progressed Ascendant. I fully agree that this vote and surrounding tension is just the high point of a long-simmering relationship.

Sandra Jones February 29, am. Hello Nina I am not an expert on mundane astrology but find this very interesting. Could you say something about the fact that, with Pluto in Capricorn, there is an added emphasis on major changes being forced on big institutions and governments and the U. Also, if the U. Pluto in Capricorn is a long-term placement, of course, but I would expect it to leave its mark on all countries ruled by the cardinal signs, once all is said and done. The traditional texts say that England is an Aries country , but your point still stands — Pluto squares Aries.

I agree about the Scotland referendum; presumably Scotland would wish to be independent so they could stay in the EU.

Astrological predictions of EU 2016 - 2018

Oh my. Sandra Jones February 29, pm. Dear Nina Thank you for your reply. England does, of course, have the largest electorate but we will all be voting. I will continue to read your pages with interest now that I have discovered your site. Nina Gryphon February 29, pm. Thank you, Sandra. I believe Barry see first comment also utilizes the chart; I am sure you will find additional interesting connections as well. Jose Peroumal May 6, am. Dear Nina, While the EU Maastricht Treaty Horoscope is handy on the page, I think that the outcome of the referendum should affect primarily the United Kingdom itself whatever the outcome is decided by the electorate.

Regards Jose. Nina Gryphon May 9, pm. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Paul Wilson June 3, pm.

Scotland Referendum – try, try again

Scotland will vote Remain and England can do what it wants Scottish independence is coming. Nina Gryphon June 3, pm. The feeling in Scotland is that the Scottish referendum was rigged hence the refusal of the Scots to go quietly back in their box and that Westminster can just go back to default mode.

The same forces The establishment and big business that rigged the Scottish vote will do the same to this one and the E. Nina Gryphon June 4, am. Okay, but this is an astrology website. There are already many non-astro forums where people can go vent. Thank you. Mark Cullen June 4, am.

I saw the astrology was against the independence movement so found myself in the quite awkward position of campaigning for independence but writing an article in the AA Journal which amongst other things predicted a no vote! This time round though I feel the dynamics are very different. Firstly, unlike the Scottish referendum it is the older voters who are strongly pro the exit option. As we saw in Scotland they are more likely to actually vote. Secondly, the print media is if anything more pro-exit. In scotland not a single daily newspaper was pro-independence. Thirdly, the Leave support has started from a much better position in the polls than the Scottish independence movement.

The Leave sentiment has been in higher in the polls in the last few years although it slipped a bit in the last year. Thanks for your understanding. Looking at this from an astrological perpective I have predicted a Brexit Leave vote on June 23rd.

Obituary - Jonathan Cainer, astrologer who struggled with personal tragedy

I have analysed the opening of poll chart. Although looking at the natal charts of Boris Johnson and David Cameron lead to this view too. Especially their perfections and solar return charts. I have also had some very interesting comments on Facebook to my post of the opening of poll analysis from Steven Birchfield which I have permission to put up on Skyscript.

Your point about retrograde planets is even more significant if we take the Aries ingress into account. Mark Cullen June 4, pm.

Over Liz Hathway

Just to clarify I was referring above to natal profections not perfections! Mikhail P.

Astrology Predicts the Brexit Referendum

June 5, pm. I know this is a discussion about Brexit but do you think perhaps Greece will finally have the guts to leave the EU? Thank you! Nina Gryphon June 5, pm. Thanks for chiming in — there is no Greece post, so this thread is fine to use for discussion.

Though I am not Greek, I have devoted substantial time to this issue, as I feel that the status quo in Greece is untenable. And yet, it continues, year after hard year. Peripheral EU countries are staying in the Euro despite clear evidence to the contrary. This can give Salmond a very disciplined and logical approach to life and should be seen as a useful counterweight to the idealism of his Pisces Moon.

Salmond's restlessness and desire to break with the status quo is perhaps indicated by the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury with Rahu North Lunar Node in the 7th house. Rahu tends to destabilize planets it is associated with as it guides individuals to innovative or sometimes radical action. Sun-Rahu conjunctions may also imply an inherent resistance Rahu towards authority Sun and that may well be the case here as Scotland vies to break with three hundred years of union with Britain.

On the day of the referendum, we can see there are some very potent transits. Saturn will be almost exactly conjunct its natal position at 25 Libra. While Saturn is a malefic planet by nature, its exalted status here means that outcomes are more open-ended. But aside from the question of outcomes, the Saturn Return is associated with taking of responsibility for past actions and fulfilling one's destiny.

Salmond has been a campaigner for independence for many years and his long struggle is reaching its apex now.

Time for the stars to shine

His profile has never been higher. While the exalted status of Saturn is something of a plus for this transit, the potential problem is that Saturn rules the 8th and 9th houses in his chart. Neither of these houses are associated with gains or competition, however, so I am less inclined to see this Saturn-to-Saturn transit in positive terms. While not necessarily negative, it may only refer to the huge personal significance of this referendum.

Transiting Ketu and Uranus are in the 10th house and also underscore the importance of this time for him. These are both slow moving planets whose transit of the 10th house of status and career symbolizes how pivotal has been in Salmond's life. In this respect, Ketu 25 Pisces is exactly conjunct his equal 10th house cusp and thus is an appropriate placement for a circumstance that focuses public attention towards him. The flip side is that Rahu is on the 4th house cusp, which is another indication of the intensity and instability of his current emotional condition as he awaits the public verdict on his life-long dream.

On balance, I think there are too many malefic planets involved in tight transits at the moment. Ketu isn't always bad in the 10th house and Saturn isn't always bad in its return to its natal position. But to have these two happening at the same time may be a bridge too far for Mr. Venus will be a fairly close opposition to Mars on the day of the referendum which is usually not conducive with happiness, while Lagnesh Mercury by transit in Virgo will fall under Mars' 8th house aspect.

For these reasons, I don't think Salmond will be satisfied with Thursday's result. While some other scenarios are conceivable with this chart, I generally expect the No side will win and that Scotland will choose to remain part of the UK. Financial Markets Update US markets slipped a bit last week as investors pondered the likelihood of higher interest rates sooner rather than later as the Dow closed at 16, In Mumbai, stocks inched slightly higher with the Sensex again closing above 27, as falling oil prices lessened inflation worries.

I had been fairly neutral here given the mix of influences.